Three Top Dog Friendly Parks In Dallas, Texas



Three Top Dog Friendly Parks In Dallas, Texas

Decades ago, most dogs in nearly every city ran loose most of the day but since then regulations have been implemented and people care more for their pets so they keep them inside. That’s not the best situation for most dogs, they really need to get out and run, play, and explore several times a week to be happy. Lately, though, lots of cities like Dallas, Texas have been making designated dog parks where dogs can roam free within the boundary of the park. Lots of the parks have special amenities that are helpful in cleaning up after your pet plus special areas for special events as well. Here are some tips on using a dog park and a few summaries on the top dog parks in Dallas, Texas.

Of Course, With the Freedom Comes Some Rules

In order for the dog park idea to work for the most people possible there have to be some rules that, if everybody follows them, the whole system runs smoothly. Dog parks everywhere have certain rules to help every dog owner and their dog coexist peacefully together in the same parks.

All dogs must have up to date vaccinations and licenses as well. This is to protect all dogs, even those that are too young to get their first vaccination or pregnant females too. Dogs should all be healthy with no parasites, skin diseases, or other problems when you take them to the park. Some parks have personnel that periodically check documents so bring them with you.

You are responsible for cleaning up all of your dog’s waste completely. Many good dog parks will supply plastic bags and special bins for the waste. There is a special belt clip waste holder available at your local pet store and they’re very handy for going on dog walks anywhere. Many dog parks have on leash areas and off-leash areas, you should adhere to the rules that are posted, they are usually there for a reason that might not be obvious.

White Rock Lake Dog Park

This is a great park that really has something for everybody, not just dogs, and their owners. There are biking and hiking trails all around the lake that are dog-friendly, meaning they should be on a leash but are permitted. The many trails around the lake are paved and wide enough for bicycles, joggers, and dogs to all pass easily.

In addition to the dog-friendly areas, there is also a designated separate area where dogs are allowed to roam free. It’s a nice space, very roomy, so dogs can get a good workout playing frisbee or just running around. Then there is a dog swimming park too, that is perfectly made for dogs to swim and play where they won’t bother any people with their antics. This park has several different playgrounds for kids plus there are paddle boats, kayaks, and paddle boards for rent for the entire family. Most reviewers online gave four or more stars to this park for lots of different reasons.

Deep Ellum Dog Park Gets Great Reviews Online

This is sometimes called Bark Park Central and is located underneath part of the US 75 Freeway where it intersects with the Good-Latimer Expressway. It tends to cater to a younger crowd of dog owners but all are certainly welcome. The city of Dallas has been renovating the park recently and it’s now cleaner and nicer than before. They have done some nice artwork on the concrete bridge bases that have really lit the area up.

The park features over an acre of open running space that has cute dog and human water fountains for drinking. All of the benches are in the shape of large dog bones and the entire place is well fenced. Plus, there is dog washing area provided as well. It’s well maintained and the only downside mentioned in the reviews was the constant noise of cars and trucks, but the dogs don’t mind and it’s a good use of that particular space.

Meadows Lake Dog Park

This one is located in East Dallas and tends to attract a regular crowd of people and their dogs that go nearly every day of the week at certain times. There is a lot of socializing for both the dogs and humans alike. This park isn’t maintained by the city of Dallas so its fence can be a little run down in places. It’s a good idea to keep good track of your dog but most seem to be happier inside the park anyway.

The park lacks benches or places to sit, however, the crowd that goes there regularly don’t seem to mind standing as you’ll see people chatting all over the park while their dogs play. There are very few faucets to get water so it’s a good idea to bring your own, one for you and one for your dog. While you might think that the negatives outweigh the positive at this park, it has developed into a small neighborhood of friendly people and their dogs so it’s hard to find bad reviews, just people making note of the things to be aware of when you go.

If you have a dog and would like to take it to one of the many parks in Dallas that allow dogs, there is a list online. There are hundreds of places to go and many people try out several before they find one that fits their dog and themselves. There are plenty of detailed reviews left by other dog owners online that can help you decide on which parks you’d like to try first.

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