The People Of Fort Worth TX Are Spoiled With So Many Great Restaurant Choices



The People Of Fort Worth TX Are Spoiled With So Many Great Restaurant Choices

Being a food connoisseur and a person that loves to both cook and dine out, I can tell a good night restaurant when I see one. Fort Worth is home to dozens of them. Yes, everyone has their favorite types of restaurants and cuisines, but Fort Worth, while it does fit my personal style, has a little something for everyone. There are quite a few cities in the country, and I’m not sure any of them have the same caliber of restaurants as Fort Worth TX. Here are six of those top dining establishments in Funky Town for you to try out.

H3 Ranch is the first pick, and you will find it located on East Exchange Avenue. Steak, rainbow trout, skillet potatoes and prime rib are just some of the popular menu items served up there. It is a good place to check out if you are visiting the stockyards, which is a popular area for visitors and locals alike. Some say that H3 Ranch serves up the best steak in the city. One other menu highlight is what is called the flaming filet.

Joe T Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant is great place to pick if you are craving some of the best Tex Mex in Fort Worth. Located at 2201 North Commerce Street, Joe T Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant is known for its beautiful patio, as well as the food it serves. Enjoy fajitas, enchiladas and margaritas. Notice I didn’t say anything about other dishes or add ‘and more.’ That is because you don’t see a menu when you walk into this restaurant. You choose either enchiladas or steak, including the type and the food will not disappoint. How cool is that?

This next restaurant in Fort Worth is a treat for sure. It is called Lily’s Bistro. The interior of this restaurant is very warm, cute and romantic. It is on West Magnolia Avenue, and Lily’s Bistro serves up a seafood trio, gorgonzola fries, beef wellington, burgers, flounder, apple pie and much more. Reviews talk about live music, good portions and outdoor seating is also available. The menu must be enormous because this are so many different types of foods served up there. This is a really cool place.

Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ is the next restaurant to explore. Just the name of the restaurant makes my mouth water. Pit barbecue is the best. It just doesn’t get any better than that. This establishment is located at 301 Stockyards Boulevard, and it is a place where you can order both beef ribs and prime rib. Prime rib isn’t always on the menu at a barbecue restaurant. Brisket and pork chops are two other menu favorites, and of course there is delicious cobbler for dessert. Order up that Texas style pit barbecue.

Horseshoe Hill Cafe also looks a great place, and this is another restaurant that is in the historic stockyards district. It on West Exchange Avenue and not East Exchange Avenue though. I just realized that this is a place where I could enjoy my favorite food, country fried steak. That sounds delicious! Short ribs, twice baked potato and all kinds of delicious dishes are served up there.

Now you just have to pick the restaurant that you want to try first. These are six of the best listed for you, and you will find that you are going to enjoy some delicious meals in Fort Worth TX. If it were me, I would have to go grab that country fried steak at Horseshoe Hil Cafe first. Are you a fan of country fried steak?

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