The History of Grapevine Texas



The History of Grapevine Texas

Most of us tend to only look at what is around us in the modern world and we don’t really give much consideration to what may have happened in the past. For those who live in Grapevine Texas, however, ignoring the past is ignoring a significant portion of what made the city what it is today. Looking into the history of Grapevine can help you to appreciate the area more and when you look around you at some of the features of the city, it will give you a new perspective.

Prior to the time that settlers arrived in Grapevine Texas, there were Native Americans who had inhabited the area for hundreds and perhaps even thousands of years. Much of the information about those early tribes has been lost to history, although there is still some indication as to the Indians that may have lived there during the time people began arriving in the middle of the 17th century.

It was in 1843 that the Republic of Texas commissioners, including Gen. Sam Houston, came out to meet the leaders of 10 different Indian nations. They stayed in the area of Grape Vine Springs and camped at Tah-Wah-Karro Creek. The meeting was successful, because it ended up with a treaty being signed with the Canadian nations. It was known as the Treaty of Birds Fort and from that point forward, homesteaders were able to come into the area and live peacefully.

That was also the location of the first settlement, named Grape Vine, which was so named because it was near Grape Vine Springs and was also located within the Grape Vine Prairie. The entire area was named because of the wild grapes that were growing in the area. It was less than a year later that the first settlers began arriving in the area, coming across the Grape Vine Prairie on covered wagons. Grape Vine was the oldest of all the settlements within the county and it became in a settlement in 1844. Interestingly, it became a settlement just a year prior to the time that Texas was annexed by the US.

Although they were under a peace treaty with the 10 American Indian nations, they still did have some problems with raiding Comanche parties. Gen. Richard Emery Gano, who was also a settler near the area of Grape Vine, organized the settlement to battle against the Comanche and then he continued to take those volunteers and become fighters in the American Civil War.

By the time the late 1890s rolled around, there were more than 800 peoples who lived in Grape Vine Texas and the city was already beginning to see some growth. A number of cotton gins were in operation in the area by that time and they had a railroad, post office and even a public school. Up until 1914, however, they were still known by the two words, Grape Vine, but it was incorporated into a single word in 1914 by the post office.

An interesting piece of history in Grapevine Texas happen in 1934. A man by the name of Henry Methvin, who was associated with Bonnie and Clyde, killed 2 police officers during an altercation near the city. If you drive out to the area of State Highway 114 and Dove Road, you can see the historical marker that marks the spot of that shooting.

Growth continued throughout the 20th century and today, there are more than 50,000 people who live in the area. Times are different today than they were in those past times, but you can still see a lot of evidence of what took place if you just keep your eyes open when driving through the city.


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