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Mid-America’s SN-24 Series
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Mid-America’s SN-24 Series


Protecting your business can be expensive. Let Mid-America Door provide a Commercial Grade door from our SN-24 Series which is value-priced, but still up to the high standards you expect from our products.


The SN-24 Series offers 25 gauge steel on the exterior, with an optional vinyl-backed insulation. The SN-24 Series is also available with windows and Full View.

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Reverse Angle: Door overlaps jamb approximately 1″ against continuous angle of track support system (angle foot toward door). May be used with wood or steel jambs. The door closes against the base flange of the continuous angle.




Bracket Mounted Track: Use with wood jambs. Door closes against stop molding.



General: Doors will be Series S-24 or SN-24, as manufactured by Mid-America Door Company.


Related Work: Opening preparation, miscellaneous or structural metal work, access panels, finish or field painting, are in the Scope of Work of other trades.


Door Sections: Sections will be 25 gauge (SN-24 series) or 24 gauge (S-24 series) steel and have a nominal 2″ thickness. Sections will have a tongue and groove meeting rail to provide a weather tight seal between sections. Center and end stiles will be 18 gauge steel, formed, fastened and bonded as integral structures of the section.




Track: Galvanized steel track systems are 2″ or 3″ depending upon door size and will be bracket or angle mounted, depending upon application.


Hardware: Hinges and brackets to be made from galvanized steel. Each roller has ten hardened 1/4″ steel balls per roller (2″ on S-24 series), or adequate for design requirements.


Spring Counterbalance: Springs shall be oil tempered, helical wound and stress relieved torsion type. Springs shall be mounted on a continuous cross header steel shaft supported by bearing brackets. Long life springs of 25-50- 100 thousand cycles may be specified and are recommended for high usage doors. Cables are 7 x 19 strand galvanized aircraft type with a minimum safety factor of 8 to 1.


Finish: Paint will be baked-on polyester coating.


Weather-Strip: Bottom rail of section to include U-shaped vinyl astragal held in place by retainer to provide additional reinforcement. Additional weather­stripping available for full width of header and jambs, assisting in preventing air infiltration.
Lock: Lock will be interior mount slide lock. (Optional cylinder lock available.)


Vision Sections: 6 x 24 or 12 x 24 black vinyl frame lites can be provided in either single or double glaze. (White frames available by special order.) Also available with full view sections.


Insulation: Insulation may be specified for both the S-24 and SN-24 series. Door sections shall be furnished with minimum 1 ½” thick polystyrene insulation. Vinyl backed.














The SN-24 Series offers optional insulation. Minimum 1½” thick polystyrene with vinyl backing increases the energy efficiency of your door

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