Great Beer, BBQ, Or Bloody Mary Festivals In Dallas, Texas You’ll Enjoy



Great Beer, BBQ, Or Bloody Mary Festivals In Dallas, Texas You’ll Enjoy

One of the great things about Dallas, Texas is that is has dozens of different entertainment districts and neighborhoods having different celebrations throughout the year. Sometimes you can even visit two different events in once weekend and there is usually something going on during the week as well. There are outdoor concerts, brewfests, races, walkathons, bike rides, football games, basketball games, and every other kind of fun you can imagine. Let’s take a look at the various beer and drink festivals that hit the city throughout the year.

Dallas Brewhaha: A Day of Beer Magic

This is one of the newest and largest craft brewery festivals in Dallas. It kicks off at the Four Corners Brewery Company usually each year on or near Memorial Day weekend. If you are a member of the Texas Homebrew Society you get in for free and it’s worth every penny. Of course, the festival is for those 21 and older only. There is a comedy show included and with your admission, you get three pints of beer and a collectible beer mug.

Each different location will have different brews on tap, each with its own special hops, malts, and other flavors added. The beer is strong so it’s always best to take public transportation or have a designated driver along for the ride. Since it’s in downtown, there is usually public transportation available for a good price compared to parking. Since is also dog-friendly, you can bring your well behaved leashed dog with you, and many people do.

There was a BBQ truck outside with fantastic tasting Texas-style ribs and chicken, many of the reviews online raved about the BBQ. The beers were also rated online and most people had great things to say about the craft beers available. The most popular from Oak Hills Brewery seemed to be the Golden Mustache as that beer was mentioned in nearly every review. For information, it’s best to check online with “Brewhaha” and the year to get the latest dates and times.

The Bloody Mary Festival

This is an entire festival dedicated to the Bloody Mary cocktail exclusively. It includes ten different Dallas, Texas restaurants that will make you what they believe is the best Bloody Mary in all of Texas. There are plenty of tastings and at the end of the event, a special panel gets to vote on a winner. The judges include real drinkers as well as professional mixologists so there is some audience participation involved.

There is always plenty of live music which changes each year so you should check online for the “Bloody Mary Festival of Dallas 20XX” to get the latest information available for times and dates. When you purchase a VIP ticket it will include food and drinks or otherwise, you can also purchase them separately as well. Remember though, none of these Bloody Mary’s will have plain tomato juice or canned horseradish as part of their ingredient list, they’ll all be naturally made from fresh ingredients that may well surprise you and your palate.

The Blues, Bandits, and BBQ is Not To Be Missed

Texas is well known for its great BBQ ribs, chicken, sausages and just about anything else. With this particular BBQ festival, there are usually at least 30 different teams competing for the title of best BBQ in Texas. The festival lasts two days and takes place at the Kidd Springs Park in mid-November.

There are live blues bands all day and all night along with many different kinds of great foods and drinks. The BBQs from the competition are also available on a sample basis so you can judge for yourself who the winner should be. Everyone with a paid wristband gets to vote on the winner so it’s important to do your due diligence and sample every one of the 30 different contestants. The wristbands are available for purchase online and there is a limited number so you need to make sure you buy early if you want to vote for the winner. Kids and dogs are allowed at the festival so be ready to have a good time and enjoy a great fall day at the park.

The BIG Texas Beer Fest In Dallas

This usually takes place on the last weekend of March to kick off the sunny weather. This is the largest of all beer fests in Dallas and claims to have been the very first as well. There are almost always over 100 different breweries represented and about 500 different beers to sample. Some of the beers are only made just for this festival and are considered rare so if there is one you have your heart set on, get there early on the first day.

The beer list will be ready online about one week before the festival which can help you plan your itinerary for the day. Live music plays on stage every two hours or so, depending on how long each band takes to set up and tear down their equipment. Tickets are available online and always sell out so you shouldn’t wait until the last minute or just show up because you’ll miss out.

If craft beer, great BBQ, or Bloody Mary’s with special ingredients are your thing, you can’t go wrong living or visiting Dallas, Texas. There are fun events happening every weekend in several parts of town and on weeknights as well. Run a search for Dallas events online to get several lists that will keep you busy all year round.

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