Get Your Taste Of Texas Fort Worth Style And Visit These Restaurants & Attractions



Get Your Taste Of Texas Fort Worth Style And Visit These Restaurants & Attractions

Did you know that there are only 15 cities in the country that are larger than Fort Worth? Fort Worth is sometimes eclipsed by, and included with, Dallas TX, but it is its own city, a major Texas city at that. Fort Worth is home to just shy of a million people, and its motto is ‘Where the west begins.’ Let’s take a look at some places of interest in Fort Worth TX that you can explore and a couple restaurants you might want to stop by for a bite to eat.

Fort Worth is also known as Funky Town, but that’s not the city’s only nickname. It is called Cow Town and Panther City, too. Out of 166 different attractions and things to do in the city, Kimbell Art Museum is ranked #1. It is located at 3333 Camp Bowie Boulevard, and it is known for its exquisite permanent collection as well as its special exhibits. One of the most recent traveling exhibitions there was Casanova: The Seduction of Europe. This terrific cultural attraction isn’t just a hit in Fort Worth, but it is said to be one of the top 10 art museums in the entire world. It is a must visit.

The Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District is also a popular place of interest in Panther City. It is located on East Exchange Avenue, and a picture on a top travel site shows a bunch of steel horses parked in front of an old downtown saloon. Does it get any cooler than that? There are restaurants to eat at in that area and shops to visit, too. Reviews mention that it’s like being transported back in time to the Wild West.

Log Cabin Village is a very unique place of interest for you to consider stopping by on your visit to Fort Worth, Texas. You will find this attraction at 2100 Log Cabin Village Lane, and everyone there is shown to be living the pioneer life in period attire. You will see a blacksmith shop, a gristmill, candle making and much more. There are 11 buildings in total, and it is truly a gem of a place to visit.

Other attractions you might want to stop by include the Fort Worth Zoo, Trinity Park and Trinity River, the Texas Motor Speedway and the Texas Civil War Museum. There are plenty more, but those places of interest will keep you busy and having fun. Now let’s look at two restaurants that you might want to stop by while you are in the great city of Fort Worth TX.

Lonesome Dove Western Bistro is on North Main Street, so it is one of those unique restaurants you can enjoy in the downtown area of Fort Worth. Order up lobster, elk sliders, wagyu skirt steak and other great menu items. The bathroom entrances feature saloon doors, and the drink menu at the place is said to be great, too.

Now it is time for barbecue, and the place is Riscky’s Barbecue. It is located on East Exchange Avenue, so that means you’re going to find it in the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. How does all you can eat beef ribs sound? You can also order up burgers, other barbecue favorites, fried pickles, catfish and more.

A trip to Fort Worth is a Texas gem. You are going to eat well there, and the restaurants mentioned provide not just the food but the experience. Plus you get to check out historic areas of Funky Town and see some great attractions and places of interest. Enjoy that Fort Worth vacation and your Taste of Texas.

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