Dallas, Texas, A Friendly City For Bicycle Riders Of All Ages



Dallas, Texas, A Friendly City For Bicycle Riders Of All Ages

The Dallas-Fort Worth Texas area is a great place to raise a family and work, especially if you like to do things outdoors. Since the weather is fairly nice year round, there are very few months that you can’t go outside for sporting events, concerts, picnics, camping, or fishing, depending on what you like to do. Plus, since the Dallas, Texas area has a huge number of green spaces spread throughout the city there are thousands of other people out walking around, chatting, and enjoying life every single day. One of the best ways to really get the full effect of the city is to arrange many of your excursions around bike rides, hikes, and bus trips to avoid traffic and see the people in a better perspective. You’ll be surprised at how much friendlier people seem when you’re walking or riding a bike compared to driving by at 60 mph. Here are some of the best bike riding day trips you can take, either by yourself or with friends, in Dallas, Texas.

The White Rock Creek Trail Is Family Friendly

You can drive to this park if you live far away, but it’s located just north of downtown and easy to get to with plenty of car parking in several different places. Nearly all of the trail is paved, which is nice since you can use it right after a rain without having mud problems. The trail is wide enough for two lanes passing so that pedestrians, runners and bikes can all share without any problems. The trail passes underneath Highway 75 safely so that you don’t need to worry about your kids being hit by cars.

Then it winds past the Royal Oaks Golf course which is very beautiful in its own right with all of the carefully groomed grass and sand pits. The trail runs along the path of a small creek and there are many places where you can stop and explore more if you feel the need or your kids are aching to see some wildlife. While there are runners, walkers, inline skaters and bikes all sharing the trail there isn’t usually too many to feel crowded.

There is a nice bar/restaurant on the path that has excellent food and drinks, including craft beers, and it’s a popular stopping point for many bikers. It’s right near the White Rock Lake and shares its name as well. The trail and parks along the way are well maintained but you should bring our own water bottle as there are limited places along the way to get fresh water. In the reviews online, people remarked that the marking signs are kept up and easy to read as well.

The Trinity Skyline Trail Has Great Scenery

If wild flowers and river scenes are what you like then the Trinity Skyline trail is for you. It’s right in the city but you’ll be surprised how secluded and serene everything is along the trail. Half way through there is even a bicycle flat tire repair place for those that need it. Underneath one of the bridges that the trail crosses under there is a graffiti artist display where the city actually encourages people to paint their trade and not be bothered. There are plenty of walkers, runners, bikers, and inline skaters all along the path but never too many to pass comfortably.

Every so many blocks there will be another park, playground, or tables and benches where people will stop and have picnics or play with their kids. Plus, there is the Trinity Groves Restaurant so you can reward your long workout with a good meal at the end. While the entire path isn’t paved, a lot of it is and the gravel helps keep it from turning muddy even in the rainy parts of the season.

This park has big plans in its future since the city plans on connecting it to several other bike paths so people can traverse much of the city without being on the main roads with the cars. This is still under consideration, but has a good chance of passing, at least one stretch at a time.

The Santa Fe Trail Is Connected To The White Rock Creek Trail

This great trail has nice wide paths and very few users most of the time. That makes it nice for those that want to get away from it all, right in the middle of the city. It also connects up to the White Rock Creek Trail and that one gets a lot more traffic. It’s a very clean run that has been well maintained and the people that do use it are quite friendly.

One benefit that a lot of reviewers have noted is that this trail has a lot of shade from overhanging trees making it a great ride during the hot summer months. While this trail is not really finished with all of its future connections you’ll be happy with the parts that are there and the nice cool forests that it passes through. There are places where you can get off the trail and get into the neighborhoods to get coffee, doughnuts and other snacks along the way.

Whether you’re new to the Dallas, Texas area or are just now starting to explore it, there are plenty of places online to get started. If biking is your thing, there a online groups that meet in various locations and make trips to different destinations each week. They are a great way to meet people that like to do the same things that you do and explore other ideas that are similar as well.

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