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Amarr Heritage


Amarr Heritage

Traditional styling built with heavy gauge, durable steel. The Amarr Heritage collection features the Safe Guard system and care-free, low maintenance. Great looks for years to come. Available in over 150 door designs.


R-Value — 6.64 – 9.05
Maintenance — Low
Safety — High
Warranty — Lifetime
Price — $$


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Mosaic Window Options


The choice is yours. Add visual interest to your contemporary, mid-century modern or transitional home. With Mosaic Window Options you decide the number and location of windows to create the door design you want. Just like your home, your garage door should be a reflection of your personal style.

1. Choose the Amarr traditional collection based on your safety, energy efficiency and durability needs: Olympus, Heritage, Stratford or Lincoln
2. Choose the panel design that complements the exterior of your home: Short, Long, Flush or Ribbed Panel
3. Create your door design with short or long panel windows, clear or obscure glass, in any door location*

*Windows can be placed in any standard position on any section of an Amarr traditional steel door.


Safe Guard Pinch Protection


Built with the Safe Guard System that features patented center and end hinges, exclusive safety bottom brackets and uniquely-designed pinch protection sections to enhance overall safety for homeowners. These garage doors are designed to reduce the risk of serious hand and finger injuries.


Heavy-Duty Steel


24ga steel – the thickest steel used for residential garage doors, resulting in superior strength and durability and a limited lifetime warranty.


Wind Load Doors


Wind load doors are built specifically to withstand specific high-wind pressures with an interior wind load reinforcement system. Wind load reinforcement can be added to practically all Amarr doors to meet local building codes. Simply choose the door style that is right for you and your local Amarr garage door dealer/installer will confirm what wind load door is required in your area. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure the garage door meets local building codes.



Doors shown represent 8’x7′ and 16’x7’ doors. Actual design may vary based on door width and height. Amarr reserves the right to modify designs without notice.


SP0 – Short Panel – Short Panel

SPC – Short Panel – Short Panel Clear

SPO – Short Panel – Obscure SP

SP20 – Short Panel – Short Panel Stockton

SP21 – Short Panel – Short Panel Prairie

SP22 – Short Panel – Short Panel Cathedral

SP23 – Short Panel – Short Panel Cascade

SP25 – Short Panel – Short Panel Waterford

SP26 – Short Panel – Short Panel Wagon Wheel

SP27 – Short Panel – Short Panel Sunray


SP54 – Short Panel – Short Panel Victorian

SP55 – Short Panel – Short Panel Riviera

SP56 – Short Panel – Short Panel Chalet

SP57 – Short Panel – Short Panel Americana

SP70 – Short Panel – Short Panel Heartland

SP71 – Short Panel – Short Panel Mission

SP72 – Short Panel – Short Panel Prairie

SP75 – Short Panel – Short Panel Jardin

SP76 – Short Panel – Short Panel Trellis

RP – Ribbed Panel – Ribbed Panel

FP – Flush Panel – Flush Panel

LP0 – Long Panel – Long Panel

LPC – Long Panel – Long Panel Clear

LPO – Long Panel – Obscure LP

LP20 – Long Panel – Long Panel Stockton

LP21 – Long Panel – Long Panel Prairie

LP22 – Long Panel – Long Panel Cathedral

LP23 – Long Panel – Long Panel Cascade

LP24 – Long Panel – Long Panel Moonlite

LP25 – Long Panel – Long Panel Waterford

LP26 – Long Panel – Long Panel Wagon Wheel

LP27 – Long Panel – Long Panel Sunray


LP30 – Long Panel – Long Panel Thames

LP31 – Long Panel – Long Panel Arched Thames

LP54 – Long Panel – Long Panel Victorian

LP55 – Long Panel – Long Panel Riviera

LP56 – Long Panel – Long Panel Chalet

LP57 – Long Panel – Long Panel Americana

LP70 – Long Panel – Long Panel Heartland

LP71 – Long Panel – Long Panel Mission

LP72 – Long Panel – Long Panel Prairie

LP75 – Long Panel – Long Panel Jardin

LP76 – Long Panel – Long Panel Trellis


Mosaic Window Options Styles


With Mosaic Window Options short or long panel windows with clear or obscure glass can be placed in any standard window position on any section of an Amarr traditional steel door.


Mosaic FP11L

Mosaic FP11R

Mosaic FP12L

Mosaic FP12R

Mosaic FP12LR

Mosaic FP13L

Mosaic FP13R

Mosaic FP14L

Mosaic FP14R

Mosaic FP14LR

Mosaic FP21L

Mosaic FP21R

Mosaic FP22L

Mosaic FP22R

Mosaic FP22C

Mosaic FP23L

Mosaic FP23R

Mosaic FP24L

Mosaic FP24R

Mosaic FP31L

Mosaic FP31R

Mosaic FP32L

Mosaic FP32R

Mosaic FP33L

Mosaic FP33R

Mosaic FP34L

Mosaic FP34R

Mosaic FP33LT

Mosaic FP33RT

Mosaic FP42

Mosaic FP43

Mosaic FP44

Mosaic FP21LR

Mosaic FP22LR

Mosaic FP23LR

Mosaic FP24LR

Mosaic FP24L

Mosaic FP24R

Mosaic FP33LRT

Mosaic FP82

Mosaic FP83

Mosaic FP84

Mosaic FP14L

Mosaic FP14R

Mosaic FP22

Mosaic FP23

Mosaic FP24

Mosaic FP14L

Mosaic FP14R

Mosaic FP14LR

Mosaic FP42

Mosaic FP43

Mosaic FP44

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