8 Things You Should Know About Dallas Texas



8 Things You Should Know About Dallas Texas

Dallas is the 18th largest city in the U.S. and it has a lot to offer visitors and residents alike. It’s a place where manners are considered neighborly and a place where you’ll still commonly find people using ma’am and sir and greeting you with ‘howdy’ as you walk by. Here we’ll take a look at 8 things you should know about Dallas Texas.

1. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

Whether you’re into football or not and regardless of what you might think of the football team in Dallas, everyone knows the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. They are considered to be the best cheerleader team in the NFL. These ladies are not only talented and attractive but they work hard and they participate in a lot of activities to help the community.

They are not paid as much as you might think and yet they have to work extremely hard in practices to be prepared on game day. In addition to that, they do a lot of activities that help such as teach children and participate in non-profit events designed for the good of the community. Those that are fortunate enough to be selected for the team are required to choose a particular look that they’re willing to maintain for the entire season. This means that if they wear a certain hairstyle or other features they are required to maintain that for the season.

2. Billionaire Magnet

There are a little over 500 billionaires in the US. Of those, 18 live in Dallas alone. This makes Dallas one of the biggest concentrations of billionaires in the country. The only city in America that has more billionaires is New York City. Dallas attracts these wealthy individuals because of its diversity and the fact that it truly is a city for everyone.

3. It Has Some Of The Best Secondary Institutions In The Country

Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas has had two Heisman Trophy winners to graduate their school. It has a Pulitzer Prize winner for writing and it has musical extraordinaire such as ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill and Steve Miller of the Steve Miller Band. This again is in large part because of the diversity of arts and other features that can be found throughout the city.

4. Skyscrapers

Texas as a whole is known for the slogan: “Everything’s Bigger Down Here”. Dallas epitomizes this with over 220 skyscrapers throughout the city. It was also the first city to build a skyscraper in the West in the early 1900s. The tallest building in Dallas is over 900 ft. With these tall buildings, came elevators, and Dallas is home to the first building to use elevator music.

5. Highly Diverse

America is known as the ‘Melting Pot’ and Dallas lives up to that with a highly diverse community. This city has the largest amount of Jewish residents in the entire state and one-fourth of its entire population is African-American. As would be expected, the Mexican-American population here is a mainstay and represents over 40% of the City’s population. As well as having a wide range of different cultures and races of people it is equally a melting pot of religious beliefs.

For those who enjoy diversity and all that goes with it, will likely fall in love with Dallas. All the different cultures and races and religions are able in most cases to live together and enjoy the diversity that it brings. For those that have children, it exposes them to all the different people and culture and food along with arts and crafts and sports which makes it a city beloved by its residents.

6. Dallas Cuisine Is Much More Than Tex-Mex

This city actually has more restaurants per capita than the city of New York. The cuisine here is completely international with every type you can imagine. From the best Thai food you can find anywhere, to Korean, Seafood, and the best French cooking in the US. If you’re into BBQ or Italian food then you’ll find a restaurant that you love in the city. Despite the fact that Dallas is the only city in the US that is as big and successful as it is without having any direct access to the coast or to major rivers, it still has some of the best seafood you can find in the state.

7. The Largest Parking Lot In The World

It’s unlikely that any City including Dallas would ever set out to have the largest parking lot in the world but it happened none the less in Dallas. The DFW Airport covers of a mass of land larger than Manhattan Island and on that land mass is the largest parking lot in the world. Anyone who travels by air frequently is highly likely to have had a stopover at DFW at one point or another. It’s just another feature that goes along with the state motto that everything’s bigger down here.

8. Business Magnet

Dallas is a city that attracts big business. 7/11 which has more stores than McDonald’s worldwide has its headquarters in Dallas. In addition to it is JCPennys, Dr Pepper, Frito-Lay, and even Rolex. This city also attracts technology companies and it is where the first computer chip was made.

Dallas, Texas is a sprawling city with lots of traffic. Fortunately, it has trains, buses, and transportation companies like Uber and GetMe. This makes getting around easy. Come on down and stay awhile.

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